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Volunteer Work Ilford

If you have a few hours spare each week and you want to do something truly rewarding, volunteer work Ilford could be the answer. Volunteers are people who work for free, often with a charity or support organisation. They do this because they want to gain work experience, or because they want to give back to their local Ilford community. Plumber Ilford has created this helpful guide to volunteer opportunities in Ilford.

Who Can Do Volunteer Work Ilford?

Volunteers can gain valuable skills as a result of their placement. These skills can help them in the workplace later. It is also a great way to meet new people, or to get out of the house. Stay-at-home parents often use volunteer work Ilford as a way to get out of the house once the children have gone to school. Retired people may also enjoy volunteer work as a way to keep busy. For young people and students, volunteering is a great way to experience work for the first time. It looks great on your CV, and you get to know that you are helping people.

Volunteering in Ilford: the Redbridge Volunteer Centre

Contact the Volunteer Centre Redbridge if you have any questions about volunteering, because they offer plenty of help and advice. They have links with local charities so they can connect you with job opportunities. They can also provide information about learning and development services, so you can develop your volunteer skills. Sessions at the centre are free to attend, and designed to make volunteering as easy as possible for you.

The centre is located at:

5th Floor, Forest House, 16-20 Clements Road, Ilford, IG1 1BA

Information for volunteers in Ilford is available online. You can also call 020 8514 9624.

Carer Support in Ilford

Do you look after a relative in Ilford? All over the UK, thousands of people act as carers for friends and loved ones. Carers in Ilford provide their time on a voluntary basis, freeing up the national social care service in the process. However, being a carer is not easy, and you may need support and help from time to time. The Redbridge Carers Support Service is open to all unpaid carers in Ilford.

Help available includes free complementary therapies, such as massage to help carers relax, and access to training and development courses. Carer group sessions are held regularly, and support is also available for carers who are homebound. They use volunteers themselves, including befrienders and mentors. If you are a carer who needs support, or if you would like to support people who care for their relatives, contact the centre today.

Telephone: 020 8514 6251

Web: www.rcss.org.uk

Online Volunteer Support

Adults in Ilford can find information about volunteering, careers, caring for someone and more with the My Life Redbridge service. This online portal is packed with helpful information. Those looking for volunteer work Ilford can check out mylife.redbridge.gov.uk, and explore the links and resources available.


Information about other current volunteering opportunities in Ilford can be found online. Ilford Plumber is your local plumbing service, offering repairs, maintenance and servicing for commercial and residential properties. Like other Ilford companies, we recognise the value of volunteer work and because of this, we always look favourably on job applicants who have volunteer experience alongside the relevant work experience. Make a change and boost your CV with volunteer work in Ilford.

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