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Parenting Classes Ilford

Ilford is a fantastic place to raise a family. It has great schools, affordable housing, open green spaces and plenty of amenities. For first time parents and new parents, there are also parenting classes Ilford which offer help and support. These great local resources are open to all qualifying parents and their children, with information and assistance on everything from nutrition and fitness to education.

Parent Champion Volunteers: Parenting Classes Ilford

Ilford is registered with the Family and Childcare trust, which offers support through their Parent Champion Volunteer programme. Volunteers are local parents just like you. They act as somebody to talk to, and they offer advice and support for parents who are struggling. Parent Champions also arrange workshops and group sessions at Ilford’s local libraries and community centres. As well as seeking help and support from the service, you can also volunteer your time as a Parent Champion, and help other Ilford families.

Find your local Parent Champion scheme online.

Nutrition Classes and Services in Ilford

Raising happy, healthy children starts with feeding them the right diet. Ilford parenting classes include nutrition advice, weaning and feeding support, and programmes that subsidise cheap healthy food and supplements. The Healthy Eating for Parents and Tots class is a great place to start.

For more information from the Ilford Healthy Eating Team, call 0208 822 4169.

Mums in Ilford who are pregnant and families with children under four may also qualify for free milk, vitamins, fruit and vegetables. The Healthy Start scheme operates in Ilford. Many Ilford parenting classes will link you with this service because it is a valuable resource for those on benefits. You get one voucher per week, worth £3.10, for every expectant mother and every child aged between one and four. Babies aged one and under will qualify for two vouchers per week. The vouchers may also be used for purchasing formula.


This is a special support service for Ilford residents who have learning difficulties or mental health issues. It provides support when you have are pregnant, or when you have a baby. It can also support families with toddlers and children who are new to the area, or who are newly experiencing problems, and who need additional help.

Find OneOneCoCo online, or call them on 0203 291 1293, for more information about parenting classes Ilford.

Early Intervention and Family Support Ilford

Another important resource for families in Ilford is the early intervention programme. This scheme provides parenting classes and other services for families who are struggling. It plays a key role in keeping kids out of care, because it gives parents the skills and support to look after their families themselves. The parenting classes Ilford are available through the Family Support Service.

You can find the service at Albert Road, Ilford, IG1 1HL.

Additional information is also available when you call 020 8708 2612.


Ilford Plumber is your local specialist in plumbing services, including repairs and maintenance. As locals ourselves, we know Ilford and its services very well indeed. Our local guide aims to help you find the services and support groups your family needs to live well and stay healthy. We also provide a host of other local knowledge and helpful service information through our blog.

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