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Plumber Ilford, Axon Place, Ilford, IG1 1NB

Ilford Plumbers – FAQs

Plumber Ilford FAQs

Q? Are all plumbers that you’ve hired, certified?

A. Yes, at Ilford Plumbing Company, our plumbers are highly trained and certified professionals.

Q? Are you’ll a gas safe registered plumbing company?

A. Yes, we are most certainly gas safe registered. Continue reading on the Plumber Ilford FAQs page. So, you can find more answers for your problems.

Q? What kind of technology do you use?

A. We use modern equipment and technology such as CCTV cameras for inspections.

Q? Are the pictures posted on your website real plumbing projects that you’ve worked on?

A. It is one of Ilford Plumber’s policy to take pictures of work in progress and work after completion, hence the pictures on our website is real.

Q? What is the guarantee period of Ilford Plumbers local plumbing service?

A. We offer a 12 month guarantee period on all our services that are provided by us.

Q? How quick is your response time?

A. We have a team who are trained and specialized in answering any customer queries diligently.

Q? Do you provide emergency local plumbing services?

A. Yes, we do provide emergency plumbing services within Ilford and surrounding areas.

Q? If so, how fast do the emergency plumbing technicians arrive?

A. Our team of expert plumbers are dispatched the moment an emergency call is placed by our customers.

Q? Do you’ll operate 7 days a week?

A. No, we are open 6 days a week.

Q? How are your charges?

A. We charge by the hour for any plumbing repair carried out.

Q? What are the payments options of your company?

A. We offer almost all types of payments options such as, credit and debit cards, bank transfer and cash.

Q? Do you’ll offer discounts on your services?

A. Yes, we do have special offers and discounts on certain services. Please check our website regularly for more information.

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