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Installation Specialist – Patrick Pool

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Got a faulty shower or boiler that needs to be replaced? Meet Patrick Pool, our in- house installation specialist. Any installation work to be done,  our plumbing installation specialist will deal with the situation in a timely and professional manner. For this reason, we at Ilford Plumbers, provide customers with 100% satisfaction on all our installation work. And guess what? Furthermore, the team of expert pluming technicians at Plumbing Company Ilford also do the cleaning up once the work is completed. Above all, we are focus on ensuring that our customers are happy and satisfied with our services.

Here are some of our installation services

  • Bathtubs
  • Shower Installation
  • Sink installation and repair
  • Toilet installation and repair
  • Radiator replacement
  • Boiler installations

If you’re looking for plumbing installation specialist to do your installations and repairs, you’ve certainly come to the right place. Our experienced technicians use high tech equipment through out the installation process. In addition to that, we also give you a guaranteed service with little or no hassle.

Emergency call out services

We do offer our service in an effective and prompt manner with our  local emergency call out service. As a matter of fact, our confidence in the ability of our local plumbing installation specialist, has passed our expectations in the excellent services offered at Ilford Plumbers.

We take pride in our commitment to resolve any and all your plumbing repairs. Call us now or alternatively use the emergency response form on our website to discuss your plumbing issues. One of our friendly representatives will attend to your call immediately.

Every now and then, we also offer our customers special discounts on all our plumbing services. Meanwhile, keep checking our website and make sure you don’t miss any offers we have. In addition to this, we also provide our customers with onsite estimates. This is why our local customers recommend us to one and another in Ilford.

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