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A big part of being healthy is keeping in shape. First of all, regular exercise is the ideal complement to a great diet and a sensible lifestyle. If you live in Ilford and are looking to get in shape or work on your fitness, this guide will help you find Ilford fitness classes that suit every ability and level of fitness. This helpful guide to Ilford’s fitness services is brought to you by Ilford Plumber.Many locations in and around Ilford host regular fitness classes. Most of the sessions are either free, or extremely cheap. Some, such as learn to swim classes, involve signing up for a full course. However, most charge per session and are open to all.

Finding Ilford fitness classes

You can take part in all manner of fitness activities in Ilford. Below are just some of the great classes we have found. You can also join friendly, inclusive sports team – and every weekend, you can take part in the Ilford Parkrun. You can get fit and improve your health, and most of all, you get the chance to meet new people.

Parkrun for fun

Every Saturday at 9am, joggers, runners and walkers can gather at Valentine’s Park, Ilford to take part in the weekly Parkrun. Parks all around the UK offer these fun running sessions. There are no prizes, and it is all about the taking part, not the glory of the win. Parkruns are perfect for enjoying light exercise in beautiful surroundings.

You can call for more information about the Ilford Parkrun on 020 8708 0952.

Ilford fitness classes for older people

Exercise is for everyone. It doesn’t matter how old you are because keeping in shape maintains your health. Ilford residents who are 50 and over can take part in several specialist fitness classes. Keep Fit classes for the over 50s are held at The Jack Carter Centre in Ilford on Tuesday mornings. The centre is located inside Redbridge Sports Centre.

Chair based exercise is ideal for people who have limited mobility, including elderly people and those with disabilities. Ilford residents who are able to travel to Wanstead can attend chair fitness and chair yoga on all days except Tuesdays.

Valentine’s Park also hosts a Dementia Walk and Talk session at 11am on Thursdays. This free session helps people with dementia get exercise and meet other people. Trained supervisors lead the session and take care of the walkers, and carers and friends are welcome to join in. Call 020 8708 0951 for more information.

Wheelchair basketball

If you use a wheelchair and you would like to play sports, then it seems like wheelchair basketball may be right for you. All ages and abilities are welcome. The sessions take place at the Jack Carter Centre, Ilford at midday each Sunday. No booking is required: just pay on the day. The centre also runs a multi-sports session on Tuesdays at 11. Games are specially adapted because this makes them suitable for players in wheelchairs.

Fitness football

If you want to lose weight and get in shape, and also meet other men your own age, sign up to Man V Fat Football. The coaching sessions are open to Ilford men who want to get in shape. You don’t need a high level of ability either, because the classes are low-impact. Even if you are obese, you will be able to take part. Information is available online regarding upcoming fitness football sessions.


Ilford Plumber has put together this guide to Ilford fitness classes as part of a series of public information articles. We help Ilford residents find local services so that you can make the most of the town’s amenities. We are local ourselves so we can provide helpful information about Ilford. Details of the specific classes are subject to change, so always check with the venue before attending.

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